Latest Updates on Ethiopia, 24 November 2021 (Map Update)

Thursday 25 November 2021 - 08:33

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the Tigray forces (TDF) and the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) operations in Amhara State, control of several other areas slipped out of the hands of the Ethiopian federal government.

Over the past 10 days, the pace of the TDF and OLA progress in Amhara has slowed down, but progress has been slow and steady towards Addis Ababa. One reason for this is the vast deployment of new combat troops to the battlefields by the Ethiopian federal government.

In the latest field developments on the Ethiopian battlefields, the areas of Shewa Robit, Molale, Mehal Meda, Degolo and Lugama in the southeast of Amhara state came under the control of the Tigrayans (TDF) and the Oromo Liberation Forces (OLA). Clashes are currently raging on the Shewa Robit and Debre Sina fronts around the A2 highway. The A2 is the main route for the invading forces to the Ethiopian capital.

On the eastern front of Amhara State, government forces and Afar State forces have recaptured Kasa Gita. Progress has also been reported towards Bati. Over the past month, TDF and OLA have tried several times to advance on this axis, but each time faced heavy resistance from forces loyal to the federal government and failed. The federal government and the Afar forces have greatly strengthened this axis. If they advance on this axis and capture Dessie, government forces will cut off logistical route of TDF and OLA forces in the southeast of Amhara state. However, this seems unlikely.

In recent weeks, as the rebels continue to advance into the Ethiopian capital, many countries have asked their nationals to leave the country. This shows the vague and dangerous situation in Ethiopia. Even the United Nations will evacuate the families of international staff from Ethiopia.

On November 21, the pro-Tigray sources released a video showing some 10,000 captives from federal government forces and Eritrean forces in Mekele, which was interesting in its own way. If this video is correct, it does not seem that all these prisoners are related to the battles of the last month, but most of them are related to the battles of the past year, which were defeated in the Tigray region and captured by the Tigray forces.

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About 10,000 Federal Government and Eritrean troops captives in hands Tigray forces
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