Yemen: Ansar Allah targets Saudi F-15 warplane over Marib

Friday, 10 December 2021 - 19:49

ISWNews Analysis Group: On December 9, Ansar Allah air defense system had targeted a Saudi F-15 warplane over the al-Jubah district in the province of Marib.

Ansar Allah air defense system fired a Fatir-1 missile at Saudi F-15 warplane, preventing the aircraft to carry out its mission over the al-Juba district.

According to pictures released by Ansar Allah, the F-15 warplane was targeted, but the hit did not cause the warplane to crash.

This is the fourth serious confrontation between Ansar Allah air defense and Saudi coalition aircraft since the start of Ansar Allah operation in the south of the city of Marib. In previous confrontations, Ansar Allah had destroyed two ScanEagle and one CH-4 drones.

The Fatir-1 is a is a locally-upgraded variant of the Soviet-made SA-6 “Gainful” system which was first unveiled by the Ansar Allah in August of 2019. The Fatir-1 has a range of ~25 kilometers and engagement altitude of up to 8 km.

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