Where is UN ?!

Sunday 16 April 2017 - 08:35

#US and other claimants of human rights are silent for rebels suicide attack on #Fuaa & #Kafarya civilians !

Today, As the agreement signed rebels should exchange near 8000 besieged people of #Fuah & #Kafraya by near 3200 #AlQaeida militants and their families in #Aleppo suburb.

Rebel’s suicide attacked and killed near 100 kids and women.
Donald J. Trump attacked Syria to defend what he calls humanity but now why US and other claimants of humanity are silent ? Why Trump didn’t attack terrorists ? Why his daughter doesn’t feel heartbreak!!?

And the last questions … Where is #WhiteHelmets? Do they just serve anti Assad civilians?!If there are people are pro government are not people?! there is standard ?!

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