Opinion: Armies for the liberation of Al-Quds

 Damir Nazarov
Author: Damir Nazarov
Saturday, 7 May 2022 - 07:38

In the last week of holy Ramadan, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasr-Allah said that at the moment “real armies are being built to liberate Jerusalem.” I will try to explain the statement of the leader of the Islamic Resistance of Lebanon, adhering to a purely personal point of view.

The first thing to realize is that great battles are coming, where the main enemy of the Ummah will be doomed to total defeat and this time Big Satan will not be able to help his main lackey. Why do we need “armies”? The fact is that modern military art has reached such a stage of tactical development when all the leading combat forces of the planet have come to the conclusion that any military unit or organization should include in its tactical arsenal the ability to act as partisans and as a regular army with all the nuances. Accordingly, despite the vast experience of Hezbollah and the Palestinian resistance, they need two things: 1 – an additional front against Zionism, 2 – an increase in the size of the operational center or coordination structure for the transformation from guerrillas to militia.

Now, as for the strategy. Given the abomination of the Zionist regime, it is necessary to prepare for all scenarios, and the most disgusting thing that Zionism can do in this situation is not even the use of nuclear weapons (we will still go to Heaven, InshaAllah), it is the use of its “Muslim” allies to protect its colony. Here I mean the military units of the junta of Egypt and the guard of the King of Jordan. Earlier, Zionism had already tried to conclude an agreement according to which the Sisi regime would have to “provide security” in the West Bank of Jordan. As for the army of Abdullah’s autocracy, they are already “holding hostage” Palestinian refugees and controlling the transition to the West Bank. The fact that most Palestinians in Jordan lack combat experience should not confuse observers(mass marches indicate a willingness to fight the occupiers – this is the main thing), because after the inevitable collapse of Abdullah’s autocracy, the borders will disappear, which means that the Islamic resistance forces of Iraq[1] located next door will be able to train Palestinians and provide all kinds of military assistance. The presence of British and American military bases in Jordan gives a strong argument in favor of the fact that Abdullah will cling to his throne to the last.

But apart from these dictatorships, there is another insidious enemy that will certainly come to the aid of Zionism – the autocracy of Saudi Arabia. Yes, we can recall their failed aggression against Yemen. But it is obvious that when the question of the survival of the main ally of the Banu Saud regime in the face of Zionism arises, the criminal regime of Riyadh will do everything to support its main ally in the face of destruction. The Saudis can at any moment mobilize 50,000 militants on the border with Iraq or Jordan, which include their military, various mercenaries and local puppets from among the Arab tribes in Jordan and Iraq. Earlier, Riyadh had already practiced similar tactics in 2014, when, allegedly to counter ISIS, they concentrated 30,000 guards to “protect” the borders. (in fact, the Saudis tried to occupy part of Iraq) In my opinion, the forces of Hashad al-Shaabi of Iraq will have to block a possible Saudi intervention directed against the Palestinians of Jordan.

After all, from the point of view of tactics, it will be much more convenient for them to stop the Saudis. In principle, the foundation of the local “liberation army” has already been laid in Iraq, which is a symbiosis between Hashad al-Shaabi and the forces of the Islamic Resistance. These organizations are quite capable of fighting on two, and even three fronts[2]. For example, Hadi al-Ameri (head of the Fatah alliance and one of the leaders of the BADR organization) said that “The vanguard of the liberation of Jerusalem comes from here, from Iraq. The banners that will liberate Jerusalem are coming from Iraq.” It is worth recalling that BADR is the main core of Hashad al-Shaabi (almost 70 percent of combat groups). Another Iraqi organization, Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba, which, in addition to membership in Popular Mobilization Forces, is present in the Coordinating Council of Resistance Factions, released a clip on the day of al-Quds, where a ballistic missile was shown.

Thus, we are witnessing the implementation of the Martyr Muhandis’ plan to create ballistic missile systems in the western part of Iraq. At the end of the topic about the “regional liberation army of Al-Quds”, you can also point out about the coordination between Hezbollah and Hamas in Lebanon, where these parties are creating a “Palestinian-Lebanese army”. In Syria and Yemen, by analogy with Iraq, the foundation of the “Al-Quds army” has already been created. Egypt and even Libya may be a surprise.

1- The Iraqi factor is a reality for Jordan and even the West Bank. After all, earlier the representative of Kataeb Sayyid al-Shuhada explained why the Islamic Resistance of Iraq has the right to strike at the Abdullah regime(first of all, this is a signal for Western military bases), also a year ago the leader of Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi noted that his organization has the opportunity to penetrate into the depths of the Zionist enemy. It is logical to assume that we are talking about special operations through the West Bank.

2- in addition to a common front with the Palestinians against Zionism in the direction of the West Bank, the Iraqis will be able to cover the rear of the Palestinians of Jordan from the Saudi “stab in the back”, and expel the Turkish interventionists from Iraq and Syria.

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