Joint meeting of Iran and the Taliban to ensure the security of the two countries’ borders

Tuesday, 17 May 2022 - 07:12

ISWNews Analysis Group: On May 12, Iranian and Taliban law enforcement officials held a meeting to strengthen co-operation and co-ordination to establish security along the common border.

The meeting of Iranian police officials and Taliban representatives was held in the presence of Brigadier General “Ghasem Rezaei”, the deputy commander of the Iranian police and “Mawlawi Shabir Ahmad”, the head of Afghanistan Ministry of Defense in Taybad city in Iran’s Khorasan Razavi province.

General Rezaei said during the meeting: “Iran and Afghanistan are friends and brothers and have good political relations and trade exchanges. During the past years, we have been together in various events with a spirit of interaction and cooperation, and wherever the enemies wanted to damage these relations, they failed due to the goodwill and sense of brotherhood that governs the thinking of the two nations.”
Regarding the foreign intervenes, Rezaei added: “The efforts of both countries should be focused on cohesion and unity, and by managing and planning for small incidents, we should not allow the enemies to magnify problems and prevent their abuse. Our borders are territorial, but our religion and culture have no borders, and the will of the Iranian nation and government is to support our friendly and brotherly country Afghanistan.”
Emphasizing on ISIS danger he said: “ISIS is the common enemy of both nations and its annihilation is one of the common goals of both countries, and in this way, the free people of Iran and Afghanistan have sacrificed martyrs for the path of Islam.”
The deputy commander of the Iranian police pointing the dark era of drug production in the past government of Afghanistan said: “Creating cultural solidarity among border residents and combating drug trafficking in order to develop stability and security at the borders should be our concern. We appreciate the will of the people and the new government of Afghanistan in the fight against drug production and change of the past policy toward this matter. The border guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran are ready to provide their experiences and training in the border area to the Afghan border guards. Increasing and strengthening joint security patrols is essential.”

Mawlawi Shabir Ahmad, the Taliban’s Ministry of Defense, thanking the Iranians for their hospitality, stated: “We do not forget the kindness and assistance of our neighbor Iran during the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iran’s assistance to its oppressed people. ISIS is the common enemy of both nations, and since arrogance (US and NATO) could not strike at the two countries in this way, it is trying to create divisions that we will not allow to succeed in this regard and to know that the unity of the two nations is impenetrable.”

On the sidelines of the meeting, Iranian and Taliban officials held joint congregational prayers as a sign of unity and empathy.

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