New war crime by Azerbaijan Army + Video

Wednesday 5 October 22 - 09:22

A new controversial video has been published of captured Armenian soldiers who are surrounded by Azeri forces and are executed against international laws. This video has been widely surfaced on social media and Caucasus media and has attracted a lot of attentions.

According to the available information, this war crime took place in the early days of border conflicts and Azerbaijan’s encroachment on Armenian territory, probably on the 13-14 September.

This video is published while another video of insulting and desecrating Armenian women killed in the border areas such as stripping, cutting off limbs, etc. was also published on social media.

Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia issued a statement demanding the pursuit of the war crimes of the Republic of Azerbaijan in international courts. A part of this statement reads: “The Republic of Armenia demands a clear assessment of the terrible war crimes committed by the armed forces of Azerbaijan in this and previous periods. We will continue to follow up to raise the issue in relevant international forums and courts and bring the perpetrators and organizers of the aforementioned crimes to justice, including through the application of international sanctions.”

Desecration of the dead, field executions and war crimes in the Karabakh wars are not a new issue; And in fact, these kinds of actions clearly show the existence of deep-rooted grudges in the Caucasus.

Field execution of Armenian soldiers by the Azerbaijani army
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