Latest Updates on Iraq 16 July 2018; Protests Continue in Several Areas

Monday, 16 July 2018 - 21:39

Islamic World News Analysis Group: While Iraq Internet (most cities) had been cut off to control the protests and security in the country until yesterday, there is unofficial news of the deaths and injuries of dozens of protesters during the protests in the past days.

According to published pictures, which can be cited, the bases of different parties, the headquarters and the house of the Maysan’s deputy and also the house of the deputy of Najaf airport have been burned by protesters.


Following recent incidents in Najaf airport, several countries, including Kuwait, stopped flying to this airport until Saturday.


The building of the Basra province community was besieged by the people yesterday, which the security forces prevented from entering the people.


Nevertheless, today’s news saying about the Internet connectivity in Iraq while social networks such as Facebook and Instagram are still filtering.

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