Israel missile attack on Syria’s Shayrat Airbase

Monday 14 November 22 - 10:03

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Israeli regime fighter jets fired a number of missiles towards the Al-Shayrat airbase in Homs province, during which two Syrian army servicemen were martyred.

According to a Syrian military source, “around 18:23 local time on Sunday (November 13), the Israeli enemy fired several missiles from Tripoli-Al Harmel, located in northern Lebanon, and targeted Shayrat military airport in Homs province. Air defense systems were activated and intercepted some of the missiles. This attack resulted in the martyrdom of two Syrian army forces, the injury of three others and the occurrence of material damages.”

Respecting to the occurrence of secondary explosions, it is possible that an ammunition warehouse in this airbase was targeted by Israeli fighter jets.

It is worth mentioning that on October 27, Israeli fighter jets fired a number of missiles at targets in the suburbs of Damascus. There were no casualties in this attack.

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Also an Israeli strike on Damascus International Airport and nearby military posts outside Damascus on September 17 killed five Syrian army servicemen.

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Shayrat geolocation on the map

A picture of two soldiers of the Syrian army who were martyred in the attack of the Zionist army on Shayrat airport

A video of the interception of an Israeli missile by the air defense of the Syrian army
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