Israeli-owned oil tanker hit by suicide drone off coast of Oman

Wednesday 16 November 2022 - 19:25

ISWNews Analysis Group: An oil tanker owned by Israeli billionaire has been attacked by an unidentified suicide drone off the coast of Oman on Tuesday evening.

According to the information published by the western media, the name of this oil tanker is PACIFIC ZIRCON with the flag of Liberia. This oil tanker was traveling from Sahar port on the coast of Oman to Buenos Aires in Argentina when it was attacked by an unknown suicide drone. According to Israeli regime media reports, this ship belongs to an Israeli billionaire named “Idan Ofer”.

The Pacific Zircon tanker is operated by Singapore-based Eastern Pacific Shipping. The company stated that there had been “minor damage to the vessel’s hull but there was no spillage of cargo.”

Israeli media, citing officials of this regime claim that the Pacific Zircon oil tanker was attacked by Iran’s Shahed suicide drone (131 or 136). In addition, a US official said in an interview with Al Jazeera: “Iran attacked an oil tanker associated with Israel in the Gulf of Oman using a suicide drone at 22:00 local time last night (November 15). The ship was damaged above the water level and was able to move.”

It should be noted that in the summer of last year, two Israeli ships named “MERCER STREET” and “CSAV TYNDALL” were targeted by unknown drone and suicide drone boat off the coast of Oman. Considering the tensions created by the US-Israeli coalition in the West Asian region, it is possible that these attacks were carried out by the Iranian armed forces.

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