The complete cleansing of al-Sadd neighborhood in Daraa city from ISIS elements!

Wednesday 16 November 2022 - 20:03

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following a series of security operations by the Syrian army forces and local gunmen in the al-Sadd neighborhood of Daraa city, at least 30 ISIS elements were killed and this area was completely cleared of the existence of elements of this terrorist group.

After increasing the terrorist activities of the ISIS group in Daraa province, on October 31, the local gunmen bakced by Syrian army started a series of security operations against ISIS elements in “Al-Sadd” neighborhood of Daraa city.

During these operations, at least 30 ISIS field commanders were killed. On the other side, 8 members of the Syrian army and local gunmen, as well as two civilians were killed.

According to local sources, Al-Sadd neighborhood is now secured after the killing of ISIS elements and the escape of two of the field commanders of this terrorist group, named “Abrazham Moyed Harfoosh” nicknamed “Abu Tajah” and “Mohammed Masalamah” nicknamed “Hafu” from the city to al-Naimah town.

It is worth noting that the increase of the activities of ISIS elements in the city of Daraa in recent weeks caused the Syrian security forces to plan and implement an operation with the aim of arresting the elements of this terrorist group and cleaning the areas of the city of Daraa. Considering the insecurity situation and the spread of terrorist elements in Daraa province, it is likely that after the end of operations in Daraa city, the Syrian military will go to other cities of this province such as “Jasem” and “Al-Musayrafa” and will start a series of security operations aiming to confront illegal armed groups and terrorist elements.

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