Latest updates on Syria, December 11, 2022

Monday 12 December 2022 - 06:41

ISWNews Analysis Group: In continuation of the insecurity and targeted assassinations in recent days in Daraa province, three Syrian soldiers were martyred by unknown militants in different districts of this province.

1. Aleppo:
-On December 9, Turkish-backed militants targeted the village of Harbul, located in the southeast of Tal Rafaat with artillery attacks.
-On December 11, the positions of militants in the villages of Kafr Taal and Kafr Amma, located in the west of Aleppo, were targeted by Syrian army artillery.
-On December 11, The Russian army reconnaissance drones were seen flying over the cities of Afrin and Azaz located in Aleppo province.

2. Idlib:
On December11, the positions of the militants in the Kadura, located in the south of Idlib, were targeted by the Syrian army artillery.

3. Daraa:
-On December 9, one of the Syrian security forces named “Muhammed Mahmoud Al-Janadi” was martyred by unknown armed individuals in Nawa.
-On December 10, two members of the Syrian Army were martyred by unknown armed individuals on the Namr-Samlin road.

4. Deir Ezzor:
On December 11, two individuals were killed during a heliborne operation carried out by the US forces in al-Zar village, located around Omar oilfield. No further details have been released in this regard.
On December 11, ISIS news sources reported targeting a checkpoint belonging to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in al-Zar village located in Al-Basira region in the east of Deir Ezzor province. In this conflict, one of the SDF forces was killed.

5. Raqqa:
-On December 8, Turkish-backed militants targeted the M4 highway and Ain Issa suburbs with artillery.
-On December 10, a military convoy for the Syrian Army was sent from the Tabqah military airport to Ain Isa city.

6. Hasakah:
-On December 10, Turkish-backed militants targeted the positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the village of Kozaliyah in the west of Tal Tamar.
-On December 11, positions of Kurdish militias in the village of Tal al-Laban, located in the north of Hasakah, were targeted by the artillery attacks of Turkish-backed militants.

7. On December 10, the Turkish ministry of defense announced the death of one of the Kurdish militia commanders named “Fahmi Muhammad” in the northern regions of Syria. According to the Turkish media, he was one of the commanders of the Afrin Liberation Force (ALF).

8. On December 10, the US Department of State announced its strong opposition to any military action by Turkey against the northern regions of Syria

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