Military Situation In Ukraine Frontlines, 25 January 2023 (Map)

Wednesday 25 January 2023 - 12:32

Review of the latest military situation on the fronts of Luhansk, Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia

Soledar and Bakhmut fronts:

Following the seizure of Krasnopolivka in northern Sol, the Russian armed forces focused their assaults on the areas in Rozdolivka and Mykolaivka along the Siversk road.

The heavily clashes continue from place to place in Blahodatne and Krasna Gora, and the Ukrainian military forces are attempting to repel the Russian strikes by carrying out artillery attacks and dispatching large armored vehicles in southern Soledar region.

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The Russians have intensified their air strikes on the eastern and southern fronts of Bakhmut city. Seemingly, the Russian forces plan to advance in the north and west areas of Klishchiivka in a bid to tighten the siege of Bakhmut from the southern front. Moreover, there are some news stories claiming that the Russians embarked attacks on Ivanivske region. It is worth mentioning that the Russians’ success in capturing Ivanivske would block Bakhmut’s western road.

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Donetsk front:

According to the Russian media outlets, the Russian army forces succeeded in seizing the northern heights of Vodyane in the northern outskirts of Donetsk city following a heavy battle between the Russian and Ukrainian forces.

The sporadic clashes between Russian and Ukrainian forces continue in Mariinka, Krasnohorivka, Nevelske and Pervomaiske in the western Donetsk as well. The Ukrainian forces are showing good resistance in Mariinka.

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Zaporizhzhia front:

Eventually, the Russian forces entered the southern half of the strategic village of Kamyanske on the bank of the Dnipro River. The severity of the Russians’ strikes in other fronts of Zaporizhzhia frontlines forced the Ukrainian forces to pull out from the northern half of the Kamyanske village.

Certain Russian media outlets alleged that the Russian military forces entered the northern half of Kamyanske and succeeded in completely capturing the village; however, the news reports from the battle field show that the northern districts of Kamyanske village have not been entirely cleared so far.

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The Ukrainian armed forces succeeded in repelling the Russians’ raids on the southern front of Orikhiv and maintaining the Novodanylivka-Shcherbaky war zone. Ukraine keeps on artillery strikes on the rearmost of Russian military forces in that front, which led to a decline in Russians’ ability to go ahead with their strikes.

The clashes go on in the eastern and southern regions of Goliapole, and no changes took place in the battle grounds as well as areas under the control of each side.

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Eastern fronts of Ukraine:

The circumstances in the various fronts of Kupyansk, Svatove and Kreminna in the north of Luhansk Oblast remained untapped for a long period. The major attacker in that front is the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainian forces have tried in several occasions to break the Russian front in this war zone, but the Ukrainians failed each time. The hub of the front is the town of Svatove, and if the town is taken by Ukrainians, Russia’s defense lines on the eastern front will be dismantled. Thus, the Russian army sturdily defends the lines of this front. The most important conflict lines of the front have been marked with arrows.

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Border regions of Russia:

After the Ukrainian military forces’ artillery strikes on the village of Volfyne in the Kursk oblast in western Russia, the power networks in the region were damaged, which caused power outages in several villages of the province. Correspondingly, the Russian army’s air defense shot down a Tochka-U missile of the Ukrainian army over Kazinka village in border province of Belgorod.

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