Martyrdom of a Prominent Figure in Afghanistan; Dr. Sayyed Muhammad Alishah Musawi Gardezi

In a suicide attack to Friday Prayers in Imam Zaman mosque in Gardez, Pakita Province more than 40 martyred and 50 wounded. Unfortunately, blind suicide attacks against civilians and religious gatherings such as Friday Prayers are usual and sad incidents in Afghanistan.


But the difference between this attack and other attack is martyrdom of an important and prominent figure in Afghanistan during this terrorist attack. He is Doctor Sayyed Muhammad Alishah Musawi Gardezi, author of book “From Gardez to Guantanamo”.


Imam Zaman mosque, Gardez


Dr. Sayyed Muhammad Alishah Musawi Gardezi spent 40 months of his life in American prisons in Bagram, Afghanistan and Guantanamo, Cuba. The book From Gardez to Guantanamo contains his memories from Guantanamo prison.


Martyr Dr. Sayyed Muhammad Alishah Musawi Gardezi


He was born in 1959 in Gardez, after finishing elementary and high schools, in 1978 entered Medical school of Kabul University but in 1980 when communist government take power in Afghanistan, he left school and joined Mojahedins of his hometown, a city in which fighters of Shia and Sunni with different languages Persian and Pashto fight alongside each other.


Dr. Mousavi during his combat years as commander of central front of Gardez, was hit two times by Soviets and wounded and the bullets remained in his body forever.

In 1990 he migrated to Iran and entered Tehran Medical University with scholarship and in 1998 graduated with medical certificate.

He returned to Afghanistan in 2002 and became Member of Parliament of Afghanistan from his hometown. During this time, in 13 July 2003, was arrested at midnight and brought to US directed Bagram and then Guantanamo prisons.

After released from scary Guantanamo prison, published his diary in 386 pages in book “Untold Truth of Guantanamo Prison” in Kabul.




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