Infographic: 2920 days of Saudi coalition aggression on Yemen

Saturday 25 March 2023 - 17:54

ISWNews Analysis Group – During the 2920 days (eight years) of war, crime and aggression of the Saudi coalition against Yemen, 18,140 people were martyred, of which 2458 were women and 4079 were children.

The Ayn al-Ansaniyah Research and Statistics Center has released statistics on the crimes and atrocities committed by the Saudi coalition against Yemen during the 2920 days of war.

Statistics of the Saudi coalition aggression on Yemen after 2920 days:
The total number of martyrs and wounded in these 8 years is 48,349 people, including 18,140 martyrs and 30,254 wounded. Out of this number, the total number of martyrs and injured children is 4079 martyrs and 4790 injured. The number of men martyrs and wounded is 11,603 martyrs and 22,476 wounded. The number of women martyrs and wounded is 2458 martyrs and 2988 wounded.

During the 2,920 days of aggression and siege, the Saudi coalition has damaged or destroyed 15 airports, 16 ports, 346 power stations and generators, and 617 communication networks and stations. Also, 3095 reservoirs and water supply stations, 2105 government facilities and 7293 roads and bridges have been targeted or destroyed.

During the eight years of aggression, 409 factories, 390 fuel tankers, 12,088 commercial units, 466 poultry and livestock farms, 10,279 means of transportation, 485 fishing boats, 1,020 food stores, 427 fuel stations, 704 markets and 1,040 food trucks were damaged or destroyed.

The number of destroyed and damaged civilian houses has also reached 603,110. 182 academic centers, 1714 mosques, 384 tourist centers and 417 hospitals and health centers have been damaged or destroyed by the Saudi coalition.
The attacks of the Saudi coalition have also led to the destruction and damage of 1,265 schools and educational centers, 11,350 agricultural lands, 141 sports centers, 258 historical places, and 61 media centers.

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