The Ring Around The Occupiers Is Narrowing!

 Damir Nazarov
Author: Damir Nazarov
Sunday 2 April 2023 - 22:21

“Lions” and “wolves” will be dreamed of by Zionists for a long time. As the crisis inside the occupation entity (Zionism) grows, the Palestinians, together with their allies, are expanding their guerrilla tactics beyond the West Bank of Jordan.

Chronology of events

On March 13, at the Megiddo intersection, the Palestinian faction ”Galilee ForcesLone Wolves“ attacked the Zionist military forces by laying a roadside bomb.
On March 19, in the countryside of Damascus, Zionist mercenaries killed the commander of the Al-Quds Brigade (the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad).
The conclusion is that the Palestinians are testing the defense of Zionism and expanding the zone of future hostilities. The Zionists are desperately trying to prevent the formation of a united front throughout the entire area of the Zionist colony, with the exception of Egypt.

In all recent events, where the Palestinian resistance of the West Bank stands apart, it is necessary to point out the role of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad(PIJ), which in less than a year has turned into a large-scale figure influencing regional events related to Palestinian events. It all started with the appearance of the “Lion’s Den faction“, after which other local resistance brigades began to appear in a number of Palestinian cities, all of them more affiliated with the Palestinian Jihad. At the outer boundary, judging by the panicked behavior of the “radical cosmopolitans”, Syria has become a real base for Saraya Al-Quds. Endless air raids on the outskirts of Damascus and areas south of the Syrian capital, during which the “neo-Khazars” are now trying to eliminate not only members of the IRGC or Hezbollah, but also representatives of the PIJ, force us to think about the key role of the Palestinian organization in creating a major anti-Zionist springboard.

In fact, the very actions of Zionism helped to record the growing influence of the Palestinian Jihad on the Palestinian refugee camps from Lebanon through Syria to Jordan. When the Islamic Front of Jordan organized a pro-Palestinian rally in a number of autocratic cities, residents chanted support for the “Den of Lions”. With regard to Syria, after the sabotage of the “Lone Wolves”, Zionism first organized the murder of Ali Ramzi al-Aswad in the countryside of Damascus. It turns out that the terrorists from Mossad and Aman believe that it is the Palestinian Jihad that is the key link among the Palestinian factions in Syria. After all, it is known that the “Forces of Galilee” is the creation of Hezbollah and the IRGC, who created a number of paramilitary factions from among the Palestinian refugees of Syria and disguised them under the Baath flag.

In this case, the facts say only one thing, due to the fact that the Palestinian Jihad has weight on the streets of Jordan and is associated with the Palestinian factions of Syria, Zionism can simply admit that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad created a revolutionary mass among the Palestinians, realized the idea of the legendary Fathi Shaqaqi and at the same time PIJ realized the plan* of another legends – Qassem Suleimani. Who reasoned that in order to crush Zionism, it must be surrounded.

The Palestinian resistance has formed as a single army. but with the tactics of guerrilla warfare, so far neither Hamas nor the Palestinian Jihad and other factions have shown even half of their abilities, obviously they are waiting in the wings. Separately, I would like to highlight the merits of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. While Hamas is restoring relations with Syria and Jordan, PIJ supporters in these countries are ready to open new directions of armed struggle against Zionism right now. Here we should not forget about the branches of the Palestinian Jihad in Lebanon and good relations with the Iraqi resistance. For these reasons, my personal opinion is that at this stage the PIJ is overtaking Hamas in its quest to become the striking force of the Al-Quds Liberation Army. Good competition will never hurt, even in a holy war.

* So, the sacrificial forces should be amassed behind the occupied Palestinian borders to liberate the state. He hardly thought that the current processes can liberate Palestine.

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