Israeli Regime Airstrikes On Syria, Kills Two Civilians

Monday 3 April 2023 - 23:50

ISWNews Analysis Group – In the early minutes of April 4, the Israeli fighter jets fired a number of missiles at targets in Syria’s Damascus countryside, as a result of which two civilians were martyred.

According to a Syrian military source, “at around 00:15 (local time) on Tuesday, the Zionist enemy attacked targets in the suburbs of Damascus and the southern regions of Syria with several missiles from the occupied Golan. The air defense systems shot down most of the missiles. This attack led to the martyrdom of two civilians and the occurrence of material damages.”

More details have not been published in this regard, but it is said that the Syrian army positions in the suburbs of Damascus and Damascus International Airport were among the targets of this attack.

This Israeli attack is the fourth attack of the Zionist regime on the territory of Syria in the last six days. It should be noted that at 00:35 (local time) on Sunday, the Israeli regime warplanes also fired a number of missiles at targets in the outskirts of Homs, as a result of which five Syrian army soldiers were wounded.

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Also, on Friday March 31 at 00:17 (local time), the fighter jets of the Israeli regime fired a number of missiles at targets in the suburbs of Damascus, as a result of which two of the IRGC’s military advisers lost their lives.

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Israel’s successive attacks on Syria and the escalation of tensions by this regime take place while the international assemblies are silent about these aggressions; An issue that, in addition to violating international laws and violating the sovereignty of Syria by Israel, can lead the region to an all-out war!

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