UAE Forces Retreat From Yemeni Shabwah Governorate

Wednesday 12 April 2023 - 17:21

ISWNews Analysis Group – The military forces and advisors of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have withdrawn from their positions in Marah and Balhaf bases in Shabwah Governorate and moved toward Al Mukalla city in Yemen’s largest governorate of Hadhramaut.

Following the recent progress in the Yemen peace negotiations, local sources reported that the UAE pulled out its forces from Marah and Balhaf military bases in Shabwah Governorate. According to the report, the UAE ordered its military forces to withdraw their troops and equipment from these bases in last days; so, the UAE forces moved towards Al Mukalla city in Hadhramaut Governorate on April 10 just after pulling out from their positions in Shabwah Governorate.

Earlier, the UAE pulled out a number of its military equipment and vehicles from the Al Riyan airport, which was turned into a military base by the UAE forces, as well as Rabwah Khalaf military base and it moved them to the Al Mukalla port and then, it transferred them by the use of a freight vessel to an unknown destination.

The reason behind the movement of the UAE forces and equipment has not been specified so far, but local sources are of the opinion that the efforts by the UAE are in line with the recent agreements between the Saudi-led coalition and the Ansar Allah movement of Yemen.

It is worth mentioning that the Ansar Allah authorities emphasized on the necessity of the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Yemen’s soil as the main condition to reach peace in the war-stricken country.

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