ISIS Raid Leaves 26 Civilians Dead In Hama

Tuesday 18 April 2023 - 00:23

ISWNews Analysis Group – An attack by terrorist elements of the ISIS group on the suburb of Ugayribat town in Syria left 26 civilians martyred.

On April 16, some elements of the ISIS terrorist group raided Dawizin district in Uqayribat town of the Salamiyah county in Hama Governorate, and targeted some Syrian civilians, which left at least 26 people martyred and eight others injured.

An informed source in the police center of Hama Governorate announced that the ISIS terrorists attacked a group of civilians in the governorate, who were collecting truffle mushrooms in Dawizin area in the Eastern Reef of Hama.

The source noted that 26 civilians were martyred as a result of the attack. There is not any more detail concerning the terrorist attack.

It is noteworthy that the ISIS terrorist elements also attacked a group of Syrian civilians in the suburb of As Sukhnah town in Homs Governorate on February 17, 2023, which left at least 53 civilians martyred.

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