Bayraktar To Everyone Except The Palestinians!

  Damir Nazarov
Author: Damir Nazarov
Wednesday 26 April 2023 - 08:56

The sensational Turkish military company Bayraktar does not cease to capture new markets for the sale of its UAVs. After success in Ukraine, Syria, Karabakh and Africa, Bayraktar decided to establish his branch in Azerbaijan. At the moment, it is known that the company Bayraktar Teknoloji Azerbaycan LLC has been established in Azerbaijan, the official representative of the company is a Turkish citizen Topuz Huseyn. Bayraktar Technology Azerbaijan intends to work in the field of research and development of robotic unmanned systems with artificial intelligence, platforms of unmanned systems, maintenance at the factory level, piloting of unmanned systems, training of technicians and maintenance, technical support on the ground, logistics coordination. Earlier in Kazakhstan, Turkish Aerospace signed a memorandum of cooperation in the production of UAVs on the basis of one of the companies “Kazakhstan Engineering”.

With regard to Azerbaijan, the feeling is twofold, because on the one hand, dictator Aliyev’s pro-Zionist inclination can use Turkish UAVs for certain provocations against the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran, on the other hand, Turkish weapons are an excellent competitor for the Zionist arsenal, which the Aliyev regime buys in excess.

Of course, many Muslims are happy for Turkey and many would like Bayraktar to help them in the fight against the invaders, terrorists and other forces of imperialism, but Ankara’s policy of exporting military goods does not cause admiration for the Turkish military corporation. It is obvious that the aerospace industry of Turkey is completely subject to the external course of the country’s ruling alliance, but the chaotic sale of military drones to “anyone” only once again raises the question of the “Islamic character” of the Erdogan government. Only three areas of Bayraktar’s military actions are associated with the common victory of Muslims – the successes of the Libyan revolutionaries in the fight against Haftar, attacks against Kurdish separatists in Syria and the success of the Azerbaijanis in Karabakh.

But there are plenty of reasons to worry about the future use of key Turkish UAVs. For example, the readiness to sell Turkish drones to Serbia, Britain, and the UAE raise disturbing questions, because the first two are still at war against Muslims, the Serbs against Bosnia, the British as a whole against the Islamic World, and the UAE has long been pursuing a pro-Zionist policy in the region, so the armament of the Emirates army promises the transfer of Turkish UAVs into the hands of various Abu Dhabi’s negative proxy. At the same time, we do not hear Baykar Makina seeking to put its drones in the ranks of the Palestinian resistance. Such conversations have never appeared at all, although Turkey regularly expresses support for the actions of Hamas, we do not hear that Erdogan or the army generals sought to somehow help the Al-Qassam Brigade in terms of military equipment.

In the history of excellent Turkish drones, we have a strange story, on the one hand, Ankara has actually made progress in its own military activities and is now making good money on it, but on the other hand, the sale of Bayraktars to the enemies of the Ummah and vice versa, the lack of supplies to those in need (the Palestinians), frankly put Turkey in a contradictory form. Of course, the lawyers of the Turkish side will tell a funny story that Hamas “does not have experience”* in using such weapons, but even if it were true, why does Ankara not seek to alleviate the difficult situation of the Palestinian resistance in the besieged Gaza? In Libya and Syria, the Turks are quickly adapting, the Turks are building factories for the production of UAVs in the Turkic countries of Central Asia, so why not figure out how to help the Palestinian brothers who are fighting for the third shrine of Islam? Representatives of AK Parti(for example Muhammed Durmaz), of course, actively write posts on Twitter or make loud statements on local TV, where they dream of “Bayraktar strikes against Zionists,” but we must understand that this is just the election rhetoric of members of Erdogan’s party and nothing more.

* Hamas and other Palestinian groups have a great experience in using a variety of UAVs. The Palestinian resistance can still teach the same Turks a lot in terms of conducting a drone battle.

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  1. Ayub says:

    So the UAE acquiring these drones is bad because of their pro-zionist policies while Azerbaijan (a much more Zionist regime) using them is a “common victory of Muslims”? What kind of nonsense is this?

  2. Ayub says:

    The Bayraktar TB2 drone is very slow drone that will be easy for the zionists to target of supress with EW. It didn’t take long for the Russians to figure out how to do it in Ukraine and now you don’t hear about them anymore.

    It’s not the most useful tool for Palestinians.