Unidentified UAV Strikes Taliban Position In Afghanistan’s Takhar Province

Wednesday 26 April 2023 - 19:41

ISWNews Analysis Group – A drone, launched from an unknown place, pounded a Taliban military base in Shire wa Mandre village in Chal district of Takhar province, Afghanistan, on April 24.

The drone flied over Tajikistan’s airspace to carry out the Monday attack.

The Shire wa Mandre village is located in a mountainous region between Chal district in Takhar province and Khost wa Firing city in Baghlan province, northern Afghanistan.

The mountainous region is under the control of the armed forces of Taliban caretaker government, but militants supervised by Haji Fateh Khan Mubarez, one of the commanders of the popular mobilization forces in the previous government, as well as militants commanded by Ahmad Massoud, leader of the National Resistance Front, are stationed in that area and the militants confront with the Taliban forces in some occasions.

Despite the fact that Taliban have not released any information and the exact number of human losses as a result of the strike so far, but media outlets affiliated to the National Resistance Front reported that the attack left at least more than 10 dead and injured.

Due to the effective role of the Taliban military base in preventing commutations and activities of the forces affiliated to the National Resistance Front in the mountainous region of Shire wa Mandre village, the drone strike on the military base has been most likely carried out by Tajikistan or the United States in order to support forces loyal to the National Resistance Front commander Ahmad Massoud.

It is worth mentioning that unidentified drones targeted the positions of Taliban-affiliated forces in Darqad and Khajeh Bahauddin cities in Takhar province on September 2, 2022, which left several dead and wounded among the Taliban forces. That attack of the previous year was probably carried out by the United States or Tajikistan.

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