Palestinian Rocket Attack On The Occupied Territories (Video)

Tuesday 2 May 2023 - 16:49

ISWNews Analysis Group – The Palestinian resistance groups targeted the Zionist settlements near the Gaza Strip with several rockets, in response to the martyrdom of Khader Adnan, one of the leaders of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement in the prisons of the Israeli regime.

Minutes after the rocket attack, the joint operations room of the Palestinian resistance groups announced in a statement that the Palestinian resistance targeted areas in the occupied territories with rocket attacks in response to the martyrdom of Sheikh Khader Adnan, a senior leader of the Islamic Jihad movement in the prisons of the Zionist regime.

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In this regard, the Israeli army announced that 22 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards the Israeli settlements, of which 16 rockets hit the open areas and four others were intercepted by the Iron Dome systems.

According to the Israeli Channel 14, so far six Israelis have been injured as a result of rocket attacks on the town of Sderot.

A security meeting will begin with the presence of senior officials of the Israeli regime to review the security situation and how to respond to the Palestinian resistance’s rocket attacks on the occupied territories. It is expected that in the coming hours, the Israeli regime fighter jets will target areas in the Gaza Strip.

The moment of activation of the Israeli regime’s Iron Dome system to intercept rockets fired by Palestinian resistance groups.
The moment when resistance rockets were fired at the occupied territories.
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