Israelis Continue Anti-Netanyahu Protests

Sunday 7 May 2023 - 15:35

ISWNews Analysis Group – Thousands of settlers in Tel Aviv and several other cities in the occupied Palestinian territories held protest rallies against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial reform plans on May 6.

The Israeli Kan TV network Kan reported that the organizers of the protests against the so-called judicial reforms in the occupied territories of Palestine undermined the validity of the coalition cabinet’s statements regarding the termination of the proposed reforms. The organizers also demanded decisive positions in negotiations that will be held this week with PM Netanyahu’s cabinet.

Despite the fact that Netanyahu announced the suspension of his controversial plan concerning the judicial system of the regime, the organizers of the protest rallies against the premier do not believe the published reports on the postponement of the judicial reforms. And they do not accept that that Netanyahu’s cabinet has decided to put aside the legislative process of the controversial plan.

It is worth mentioning that Israelis’ protests continue every Saturday in various cities of occupied Palestine.

The rallies, which were held in protest of Netanyahu’s judicial reform program, have now entered their eighteenth week in a row.

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