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Sunday 3 September 2023 - 18:06

Israelis Keep On Protests Against PM Netanyahu

On September 2, thousands of Israelis protested in various cities of the occupied territories of Palestine, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem al-Quds, against Prime Minister of the Israeli regime Benjamin Netanyahu in the 35th consecutive week.

Monday 28 August 2023 - 12:19

Israelis Hold Massive Protests Against PM Netanyahu

Thousands of Israelis protested against the so-called judicial reform program of the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime Benjamin Netanyahu for the 34th consecutive week in Tel Aviv and several other cities of occupied Palestine.

Wednesday 12 July 2023 - 08:47

88 Israelis Nabbed In Anti-Netanyahu Protest! (Video)

Clashes between Israeli protesters against the adoption of a main clause of the judicial reform bill and the Israeli regime’s police turned violent; so, at least 88 Israelis were arrested.

Monday 10 July 2023 - 06:39

Over 150k Israelis Protest Against Netanyahu

More than 150,000 Israelis protested against the Israeli prime minister’s controversial judicial reform program in Tel Aviv and several other cities of the occupied territories of Palestine for the 27th consecutive week.

Sunday 7 May 2023 - 15:35

Israelis Continue Anti-Netanyahu Protests

ISWNews Analysis Group – Thousands of settlers in Tel Aviv and several other cities in the occupied Palestinian territories held protest rallies against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial reform plans on May 6.

Sunday 30 April 2023 - 14:14

Over 160k Israelis Protest Against PM Netanyahu

ISWNews Analysis Group – More than 160,000 Israelis poured into streets in occupied Palestinian territories for the 17th week in a row to oppose the so-called judicial reform program proposed by the Zionist regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Monday 24 April 2023 - 12:03

Thousands Protest Against Israeli Prime Minister

ISWNews Analysis Group – Hundreds of thousands of Israelis held protest rallies against the so-called judicial reform proposed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the occupied territories of Palestine in the sixteenth consecutive week.

Thursday 26 January 2023 - 11:16

Protests In Tel Aviv; Netanyahu More Extremist Than Ever!

The January 21 rallies in the occupied cities of al-Quds, Tel Aviv and Haifa in protesting the policies of new Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brought numerous reactions inside and outside the occupied Palestinian territories. According to the Israeli Hebrew language newspaper Haaretz, over 2,500 Israelis in Haifa and more than 100k people poured into Kaplan […]