88 Israelis Nabbed In Anti-Netanyahu Protest! (Video)

Wednesday 12 July 2023 - 08:47

Clashes between Israeli protesters against the adoption of a main clause of the judicial reform bill and the Israeli regime’s police turned violent; so, at least 88 Israelis were arrested.

ISWNews Analysis Group: On July 10, the Israeli Knesset approved the main clause of a controversial “Judicial Reforms” bill, known as “reasonableness standard,” which will reduce the authorities and competencies of the Israeli regime’s Supreme Court.

Some 64 members of the Knesset voted in favor of the clause and 56 others opposed it.  

After the adoption of the clause, nationwide protests kicked off in the occupied territories of Palestine and numerous demonstrators took to the streets, blocked main roads and set fire to car tires, demanding a halt to the adoption of the so-called judicial reform bill, which was proposed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Other Israeli protesters also gathered in front of the building of the Israeli regime’s Supreme Court and several other areas Tuesday morning, and minutes after the beginning of the protest rallies, the angry protesters clashed with Israeli police forces.

According to Hebrew-language sources, police forces arrested at least 88 protesters across the Palestinian occupied lands over their protest against the controversial judicial reform bill from Tuesday morning.

The Israeli regime’s police forces are trying to control protest rallies using water cannons and tear gas. The Hebrew-language news site Walla also reported that protests against the judicial coup will be held tonight at the Ben Gurion International Airport, in front of Isaac Herzog’s house, head of the Israeli regime, as well as the US embassy in Tel Aviv.

After the release of the news story, the Israeli regime’s police stationed many of their forces at the Ben Gurion Airport to prevent closure of the airport by protesters against the Netanyah government’s judicial coup.

It is worth mentioning that various cities in the occupied territories of Palestine witnessed the largest protest rallies in recent weeks, which have been in protest against the so-called judicial reforms and some decisions and actions by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Protesters are of the opinion that the controversial judicial reforms proposed by the Israeli regime’s new government will deal a devastating blow to the independence of the regime’s judicial system, but the prime minister and supporters of the controversial bill claim that the judiciary has too much power, and that it interferes with the executive branch.

Haaretz photographer Rami Shlush was arrested by police during a protest in Haifa.
Israeli police clash with demonstrators against the judicial reform plan in Tel Aviv
A video of Israelis protesting against Netanyahu’s judicial reform plan
Video of of Israeli regime police clashing with protesters
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