Thousands Of Israelis Demonstrated In Tel Aviv For The 28th Week In A Row

Sunday 16 July 2023 - 09:24

On July 24, thousands of Israelis demonstrated in Tel Aviv and several other cities of occupied Palestine for the 28th week in a row in protest against the judicial reform program of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the Israeli regime.

The main demonstration was held on Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv. Also, massive demonstrations were held in the city of Haifa and other areas against the PM Netanyahu.

At the same time as the demonstrations, the Hebrew media announced that more than 100 pilots and reserve soldiers of the Zionist regime’s air force refused to join the air units in protest of the judicial reform plan that Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet is seeking to implement. Previously, a number of other Israeli military forces had also announced that they were not join in the various units of the Israeli army.

It is worth mentioning that on March 27, the Prime Minister of the Israeli regime announced the halt of his controversial plan regarding the judicial reform plan, however, Israeli demonstrations in various cities of occupied Palestine continue to protest against the judicial reform plan and some decisions and actions of Benjamin Netanyahu. This demonstration has now entered the 28th consecutive week.

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