Thousands Of Israelis Protest Against PM Netanyahu In Occupied Palestine

Monday 5 June 2023 - 20:02

ISWNews Analysis Group – Thousands of Israelis have held protest rallies against the regime’s so-called judicial reform program for the 22nd consecutive week in Tel Aviv and several other cities of the occupied Palestine.

On June 3, more than one hundred thousand Israeli settlers demonstrated in Tel Aviv and several other cities against the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial judicial reform plans.

The Israeli protesters announced: We will continue our demonstrations to show the authorities even if they stop the reform plan, we will remain still ready, and they will not be able to pass laws by resorting to deceptive ways.

Netanyahu and his radical cabinet members claim that the aim of the structural reforms concerning the Israeli regime’s judicial system is to create a balance between the legislative and judicial authorities, but angry protesters are of the opinion that the new Israeli cabinet’s proposed judicial reforms will strike a disturbing blow to the independence of the regime’s judiciary system.

It should be mentioned that Israeli settlers’ demonstrations continue every Saturday in different cities.

The gatherings, which were set up in protest against Netanyahu’s judicial reform program, have now entered their 22nd week in a row. The Israeli regime’s prime minister declared on March 27 that he stopped his controversial plan regarding to the regime’s judicial system; however, the settlers still continue the demonstrations.

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