Hezbollah Holds Drills Ahead Of Anniversary Of Israelis’ Withdrawal From Lebanon (Video)

Monday 22 May 2023 - 12:19

ISWNews Analysis Group – The Hezbollah resistance movement held a military exercise in Lebanon on the eve of the 23rd anniversary of the Israeli army’s withdrawal from this country’s soil.

The Hezbollah fighters held the military drills in the Mleeta area in the south of the Arab country on the eve of the Resistance Day. According to sources close to the Hezbollah movement, more than 500 media operators from Lebanon, Arab nations and other countries were present to cover the military exercise.

In one part of the maneuvers, a strike on an Israeli settlement was simulated with the aim of capturing Israeli soldiers and they also replicated a drone attack on settlements in the occupied territories of Palestine.

Hezbollah exercise in Melita area in the south of Lebanon

Head of Hezbollah’s executive council in Lebanon Hashim Safi Al Din, who is also a prominent cleric, said during the Hezbollah’s military exercise that we witnessed the defeat and inability of the Zionist enemy to establish a new equation in the battle of Thar al-Ahrar in the Gaza Strip.

If the enemy thinks about the expansion of the circle of aggression, the resistance movement is ready to respond in such a way that the foe does not have the power to react and respond, the cleric warned, adding that the Zionist enemy will see how precise missiles work within its usurped territories if the enemy takes foolish action to circumvent the rules of the game.

Safi Al Din went on to say that the purpose of the military exercise is to show the preparedness and deterrence of the resistance forces in supporting Lebanon, because the resistance front, whether it resides in Iran or Lebanon and Palestine, is expanding; and that the enemy should be aware that late commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)’s Quds Force Martyr Lieutenant Qassem Soleimani is the founder of the axis of resistance; so, the resistance fighters will remain their weapons in their hands until complete victory.

When the images of the military exercise of the Hezbollah movement are seen, an MLRS rocket launcher is visible, which has the capability to fire 84 rockets. Moreover, the fighters of the Hezbollah movement have openly used anti-drone weapons for the first time in this military exercise to counter the infiltrations of drones and micro air vehicles (MAVs) in a bid to maintain the security of the military event.

It is worth mentioning that the Hezbollah resistance movement had inflicted heavy blow on the Israeli regime on May 25, 2000, when the Israelis were forced to pull out their armed forces from southern Lebanon. The day of Israelis’ withdrawal from Lebanon has been known as the Resistance Day in the Arab country and the Lebanese people celebrate the departure of the regime’s army from their soil, which had been occupied by the Zionist enemy since 1978.

Hezbollah exercise in Melita area in the south of Lebanon
Hezbollah exercise in Melita area in the south of Lebanon
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