Israeli Regime Air Force Pounds Syrian Capital

Monday 29 May 2023 - 11:20

ISWNews Analysis Group – Late on May 28, fighter jets of the Israeli regime’s army fired a number of missiles at targets in the outskirts of the Syrian capital city Damascus.

According to information released by a Syrian military source, the Israeli enemy struck some targets in the outskirts of Damascus with a number of missiles from the occupied Golan Heights around 23:24 p.m. Sunday local time and the Syrian army’s air defense shot down most of the missiles. The attack ended up in some material damages.

Further information has not been released yet, but it is said that the Syrian army’s positions in Hafeir al-Fouqa village in the Al-Tall District of the Rif Dimashq Governorate, which is located in northern Damascus, were targeted in the airstrike by Israeli fighter jets.

This is the first strike by the Israeli regime on the Syrian soil following a five-day war against Palestinian resistance groups during the Thar al-Ahrar operation. It seems that the Israeli regime’s army was reassured that there would be no new confrontation with the Palestinian resistance groups; the Tel Aviv regime focused its attention on Syria.

Thus, it is likely that in the coming days there will be strikes by the Israeli army against targets in Syrian soil due to different reasons, including attacks on centers active in designing and manufacturing missiles as well as drone arsenals and so on.

It should be noted that fighter jets of the Israeli regime’s army also fired some missiles at targets in Aleppo Governorate on May 2, which led to martyrdom of a Syrian soldier and injury of seven others.

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