Russian Aerospace Forces Wiped Out Last Existing Combat Ship Of Ukrainian Navy

Wednesday 31 May 2023 - 20:21

The Russian Armed Forces carried out precise strikes on the military port infrastructure of Odessa. The medium landing ship “Yury Olefirenko” of the Ukrainian Navy was hit in the strike. According to preliminary data, the ship sank because of the received damage. A fire broke out on the ship and ammunition detonated. Reports claim that there were significant losses among the crew.

“On May 29, as a result of a high-precision strike launched by the Russian Aerospace Forces against a military berth in the port of Odessa, the last of the Ukrainian warships, Yuri Olefirenko, was destroyed,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in an official statement on May 31.

In the early stage of the conflict, the Ukrainian combat ship operated in the Dnieper-Bug estuary. The Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled Kherson region with Grad rocket launchers installed on the ship.

Later, the combat ship moved to the port of Yuzhny, and then to Odessa. The Kyiv used the grain deal to protect the combat ship, but after repeated violations of the agreement, the Russian military opted to respond.

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