Bashar Assad President of Syria Meets with Iran’s Minister of Defense Brigadier General “Amir Hatami”

Monday, 27 August 2018 - 13:37

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Yesterday, brigadier general “Amir Hatami”, as the head of a high ranking delegation from Iran, met and discussed with Bashar Assad and other military officials of Syria in Damascus.

History of Syria and the region will record the resistance of Syrian people and their leader and their victory against terrorism. This victory is not only for the people of region, it is for the whole world, and the power of Syria is a source of hope, hope of Syria’s continuance in this path to the final victory and destroying terrorism completely.


In this meeting, Iran’s minister of defense once again declared Iran’s support for Syria, as always. He emphasized on protecting the integration and independence of Syria, and prevent any foreign intervention and stated that Iran without any fear from threats and pressures, adheres these principles, and will continue to fight against terrorism.


President Bashar Assad, emphasized on the importance of this meeting and said: The importance of change, The development in the process of cooperation, and the long-time development of cooperation plans, are of elements that are strengthening the resistance of people of Iran and Syria against all their enemies


He also mentioned that the United States of America and its instruments in the region, specially in nuclear case of Iran, and implementing sanctions against Russia and the attempt to prolonge the war in Syria (with their support of terrorist organizations) and adopting the “Threat Politics”, against all the Syrian army’s operations and its anti terrorism allies, have taken a malicious approach and playing a destabilizing role in region and the world.


In this meeting, general “Ali Abdullah Ayyoub” (deputy of Chief of the General Staff of the Army and the Armed Forces & Syria’s minister of defense ) and the ambassador of Syria in Tehran and ambassador of Iran in Damascus, were present.


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