Six Turkish Soldiers Killed In Northern Iraq

Saturday 12 August 2023 - 17:55

Turkiye’s Ministry of National Defense has announced the deaths of six more Turkish soldiers in the Operation Claw-Sword in northern Iraq.

ISWNews Analysis Group: In accordance with the Turkish Ministry of National Defense’s statement, six more Turkish soldiers were killed during the Operation Claw-Lock in northern Iraq.

The new death toll brings the total number of Turkish military casualties in the Operation Claw-Lock , which began on November 20, 2022, to 85 deaths.

The Operation Claw-Sword kicked off under the command of Hulusi Akar, who was the then Turkish Minister of Defense, in order to pursue Turkiye’s program to suppress the PKK militants in northern Iraq.

It is worth mentioning that in end of June, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense reported the death of one of its soldiers during the Operation Claw-Lock in northern Iraq as well.

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