Iraqi Army Deploys Anti-Aircraft Systems On Top Of Government Buildings In Baghdad!

Sunday 13 August 2023 - 18:48

In an unprecedented move, the Iraqi Army has deployed anti-aircraft systems on top of certain government buildings in the capital city Baghdad.

ISWNews Analysis Group: On August 12, for the first time since 2003 the Iraqi army has installed anti-aircraft systems on the roofs of certain government buildings in Baghdad.

According to the Alsumaria TV network, the deployment of these systems in the Iraqi capital has surprised and concerned the people.

The Saudi network Al-Hadath TV also cited its correspondent as saying that the building, where the anti-aircraft systems were stationed, is located near Baghdad Airport. This is the first time since 2003 that anti-aircraft systems have been deployed in Baghdad.

Following the publication of such reports, spokesperson for the Joint Operations Command of the Iraqi army Major General Tahseen al-Khafaji stated that the deployment of air defense systems on one of the buildings in Baghdad was carried out for training purposes.

Al-Khafaji also emphasized that the media reports suggesting that the deployment of these systems was due to an imminent threat or readiness for a security incident are not accurate.

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