The First Session of Iraq’s Parliament After the May 12 Election, Without Reaching to Desirable Result Postponed to Tuesday.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018 - 09:52

Islamic World News Analysis Group: “Islah and Bana” parliamentary group, with 180 signature, and “Bana” parliamentary group with 150 signature, have claimed that they are the largest parliamentary group.

On Monday, Iraq’s Parliament with its new representatives held its first session for representatives oath, choosing the head of parliament & the majority parliamentary group which elects the next prime minister of Iraq.


In this session two Shia pole of Iraq —which in recent days made all their efforts in order to form the majority parliamentary group— under the names of “Islah and Bana” affiliated to Abadi & Sadr coalition and “Bana” affiliated to Maliki & Ameri coalition, have presented their list of signatures —which they gathered in order to form the parliamentary group— to temporary chief of parliament for declaring the majority parliamentary group.


The first session of parliament after several time outs was postponed to Tuesday at local time 11:00 a.m, while that “Islah and Bana” parliamentary group with 180 signature and “Bana” parliamentary group with 150 signatures, have claimed the formation of the largest parliamentary group.


With this situation, most probably The Federal Supreme Court of Iraq after checking the signatures, will declare the largest parliamentary group from “Islah and Bana” and “Bana” parliamentary groups.

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