Palestinian Resistance Movement Kicks Off Widespread Rocket Attacks On Occupied Territories; Israel Is On Fire!

Saturday 7 October 2023 - 09:16

Various cities in the occupied territories of Palestine were targeted with a large volume of rockets by Palestinian resistance movement Hamas on October 7.

Following the extensive rocket attacks, sirens sound heard in areas such as Tel Aviv, Rishon LeTsiyon, Rehovot, and other regions.

Hebrew-language sources announced that many Zionist settlements in southern occupied Palestine were under the barrage of rocket attacks by the resistance movement and the sirens sound heard in a wide range of territories from south to north.

Channel 12 of the Zionist regime’s television reported that the resistance movement had targeted Tel Aviv with heavy and long-range missiles.

The Hebrew-language newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth also announced that dozens of cars in the city of Ashkelon had caught fire following the resistance rocket attacks.

Moreover, Channel 13 of the Zionist regime’s television reported that in the resistance rocket attack on Ashkelon, a building was targeted and four Zionists were injured.

The radio station of the Zionist regime’s army announced that the municipality of Ramat Gan in eastern Tel Aviv had opened the doors of shelters to Zionists following resistance rocket attacks.

The radio station’s correspondent announced that the resistance groups’ operation in the Gaza Strip this morning was unprecedented in terms of scope and timing, which caught this regime off guard.

Al Jazeera correspondent reported on the killing of a Zionist in the city of Ashdod and the injury of several others in Ashkelon, Beersheba, and Kiryat Gat, adding that Zionists were asked to stay home and not leave under any circumstances.

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