Latest Military Developments Of Gaza And Northern Palestine, 22 October 2023 (Map)

Sunday 22 October 2023 - 22:22

On the 16th day of fighting, no significant ground fighting was observed around the Gaza Strip. The movements of the Israeli army’s ground forces around the Gaza Strip are currently still defensive. Also, rocket attacks on Israeli settlements around the Gaza Strip and further areas continue.

On the northern front, the Israeli regime artillery attacked the areas of Blida, Aytron, Raisat al-Alam in the heights of Kfarshoba, Bastrah and Raba al-Taban in Shebaa Farms, al-Dahira, Alma al-Shaab, Marun al-Ras, Jabal al-Bat and Hawla.

Israeli warplanes also bombarded Aytron area more than three times on the second day in a row since the beginning of their activities in the northern front. The Zionists also claimed to have shot down a Hezbollah drone using the Patriot system. Also in a rocket attack from Lebanese territory, a rocket was intercepted in the sky of Markaba using the Iron Dome system.

Pictures of the rocket interception in Markaba area and the attacks of Israeli fighter jets on Aytron area

In an operation, Hezbollah forces destroyed the monitoring equipment of the Israeli army on the border of Al-Abad area using ATGM missiles. In response to Israel’s artillery attacks, Hezbollah attacked their positions in al-Bayyad and al-Malikia area.

Hezbollah artillery attack on the positions of Israeli army in Al-Bayyad area

Also, seven members of Hezbollah were martyred in today’s clashes. No details have been released about the casualties of the Israeli forces.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Israel’s barbaric bombings against Gaza have resulted in the martyrdom of 4,651 people. Also, more than 14,245 people have been injured. In the West Bank, at least 88 Palestinians were martyred and more than 1,400 others were injured.

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