Reports Of Yemeni Army Attack On Israel Confirmed; Saudi Arabia, Turkiye Assist US To Repel Yemen Strike

Wednesday 25 October 2023 - 20:02

The interim Prime Minister of National Salvation Government of Yemen confirmed missile and drone attacks by the Arab country’s armed forces on the positions of the Israeli forces. According to Turkish media outlets and military officials, Saudi Arabia and NATO bases in Turkiye have cooperated with the United States in repelling the Yemenis’ attacks.

In an interview, Abdel-Aziz bin Habtour expressed his support for Palestine and efforts to prevent the massacre of people in the Gaza Strip, stating that Yemeni armed forces had attacked Israeli positions in occupied territories. He went on to say that the United States’ military forces shot down some of the missiles and drones that were heading towards occupied territories, but others were able to reach their targets.

Bin Habtour also noted that if Israel’s air strikes on the Gaza Strip continue, their ships in the Red Sea will be targeted.

These statements by the interim prime minister of the National Salvation Government of Yemen come as the Ansar Allah movement’s officials and Yemen’s Ministry of Defense have not officially responded to news related to the United States’ claim about Ansar Allah’s missile and drone attack on Israel.

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Additionally, former President of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee of Yemen Mohammed Ali al-Houthi and some officials from the Ministry of Defense of the National Salvation Government had implicitly denied this claim.

It should be noted that Western media outlets claimed on October 19 that the United States Navy destroyer, USS Carney, had repelled three Yemeni missile and several drone attacks in the Red Sea. Some Western sources considered the US naval group in the Red Sea as the target of this attack, while others mentioned Israeli positions in occupied Palestinian territories as the target.

There is no documented information about how the Ansar Allah movement carried out this aerial operation, and Western media outlets have raised various accounts about how the United States military responded to this strike. Some say that the Saudi military’s air defense system helped repel the missiles, while others have talked about NATO forces’ contribution.

In this regard, former head of the intelligence department of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces retired Lieutenant-General Ismail Hakki Pekin told CNN Turk that three Yemeni missiles were shot down with the help of NATO radar station at Kürecik Radar Station in Malatya province, Turkiye as well as an Israeli radar in the Red Sea.

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  1. Sabah says:

    There are no words that can describe the sadness of mass genocide against our pPalastinian brothers & sisters & to add insult Saudi officials stand side by side against the villians & enemies of Muslims. Where is the God consciousness, love & fear ? How can a Muslim call himself a Muslim, perform Salaah & go against there own people over financial deals ? Does one have no fear of God & his punishment ?

    What a sick world this is becoming when your own become your enemies.