Latest Military Developments Of Gaza And Northern Palestine, 28 October 2023

Saturday 28 October 2023 - 22:36

On the 22nd day since the beginning of the war in Palestine, clashes and battles continued around the Gaza Strip. Palestinian fighters repelled all the night attacks of the Israeli forces in the axes between Beit Hanun in the north of the Gaza Strip and al-Bureij in the east of the Gaza Strip until sunrise. During the day, the intensity of the clashes decreased and the clashes were observed in a very scattered and intermittent manner.

According to the field evidence and the information obtained from inside the Gaza Strip, the Israeli forces have not succeeded in advancing in the mentioned axes and the situation is still stable.

There is no information available on the amount of casualties of Israeli forces and Palestinian resistance forces. Al-Qassam Brigades published a video of last night’s clashes and the targeting of a Panther armored personnel carrier of the Israeli army in the east of Shejaiya neighborhood with a ATGM missile. No exact information has been published about the amount of casualties, but some media speculated that the Israeli casualties were 9 killed and wounded.

ATGM attack on Israeli armored vehicle

It is worth noting that the authorities of the Israeli regime have not specified a specific schedule for the ongoing ground operations in the Gaza Strip. In fact, the Israeli official, by not officially announcing even the beginning of this operation, are trying to delay possible responses and reactions of other factions of the resistance axis.

Since the last hours of Saturday, the Israeli army has started a new wave of attacks in the Beit Hanoun axis, and the Palestinian fighters are repelling these attacks.

Another important event today is the re-infiltration of Palestinian fighters into the Zikim area in the north of the Gaza Strip. Following the infiltration of the Palestinian resistance forces into the Zikim area, the Israeli army asked the residents of this Zikim not to leave their shelters and homes until further notice. The infiltration of the Palestinian forces into the occupied territories at a time when the Israeli regime army has focused most of its military power on this area and the sky and ground of the region are under constant surveillance by the Israeli army, is considered as another intelligence and military failure for this regime.

Heavy bombardment of different areas of Gaza continues. The Israeli regime announced that it had bombed 150 points in the Gaza Strip last night. The amount of damage and destruction in the Gaza Strip is unprecedented. The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that the number of martyrs in Gaza has increased to more than 7,703 and the number of injured has reached more than 19,743. In the West Bank, at least 111 Palestinians were martyred and more than 1,950 others were injured.

In response to the attacks of the Israeli regime on the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian resistance groups targeted the towns around the Gaza Strip as well as distant areas such as Tel Aviv with their rocket attacks on several occasions.

In the northern front, the clashes continued in the form of artillery, missile and rocket attacks as in the past days. Hezbollah targeted the positions of the Israeli occupying forces with artillery and anti-armor missiles on several occasions. The Israeli regime army also targeted the villages and border areas of southern Lebanon such as Misra, Houla, Mis al-Jabal, Al-Dahira, Yarin, Ramieh, Al-Naqourah, Halta and Beit Leif on several occasions using artillery and fighter jets.

The attacked areas in southern Lebanon and northern occupied Palestine – click to view full size

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