Latest Military Situation In The North OF Gaza Strip (Map)

Tuesday 31 October 2023 - 19:25
  • Currently, the battles are concentrated in the three axes of Beit Hanoun, north of Beit Lahia near Al-Atatara and Al-Toam neighborhoods, and in the south of Gaza City in Juhar al-Dik area.
  • According to the Israeli army, today two members of the elite unit of the Israeli army were killed in the north of the Gaza Strip.
  • In the battles of Juhar al-Dik area, the resistance forces ambushed a group of Israeli servicemen and two Israeli tanks were destroyed.
  • Clashes continue sporadically in all axes.
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  1. Andrés says:

    A correction. the occupation soldiers are not killed, they are killed or fallen in combat. we must be careful that when the West says “murdered” it seems that they are not in conflict or are civilians. this helps them in the narrative that Hamas are homicidal.