Latest Updates On Gaza Strip, 11 November 2023 (Map)

Saturday 11 November 2023 - 21:10

▪️ The Israeli occupying forces advanced along the coastline in the west of Gaza City and took control of the port of Gaza and reached al-Shifa Hospital by advancing deep in Gaza. According to the latest information, people are evacuating this hospital.

▪️ Israeli forces also advanced to the east of al-Shati camp and in Sheikh Radwan neighborhood towards the south and al-Shifa hospital. It seems that the Israeli army plans to create two pockets in this area.

▪️ In the south of Gaza City, Israeli forces are advancing in Tal al-Hawa neighborhood towards al-Quds Hospital. It seems that al-Quds Hospital will soon suffer the same fate as al-Shifa Hospital.

▪️ In the northern axis of Gaza City, clashes continue in north of Beit Lahia and inside Atatra, as well as inside Beit Hanoun neighborhood.

▪️ There is no accurate news and information about the amount of martyrs of Palestinian fighters, as well as Israeli casualties and deaths in recent battles, and most of the content that is published in the social media about the casualties are not reliable.

Military situation in the northern part of the Gaza Strip – click to view in full size
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