The Siege Of Gaza City Was Completed

Wednesday 15 November 2023 - 20:50

The Israeli regime occupying forces entered al-Shati neighborhood from the northern and southern axes and linked together; Thus Gaza City was completely besieged.

The published images show that they have succeeded in controlling the Arafat police station and Al-Azhar University and Gaza Islamic University and secured the buildings around these universities.

Israeli troops at Al-Azhar University

Al-Shifa hospital has also come under Israeli control. Today, Israeli forces raided al-Shifa hospital and arrested some of the civilian people. It is said that the situation of the hospital is still critical.

Clashes between the Palestinian resistance fighters and the Zionist regime are currently going on around Al-Isra University and Yarmouk Stadium, and there is a heavy exchange of fire between the parties.

Clashes continue in the areas of Beit Hanoun, Sheikh Radwan, Al-Tawam and Tal Al-Hawa.

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