Yemen’s Army Attacked Two Ships In The Waters Of The Red Sea

Sunday 3 December 2023 - 17:58

On December 3, the Unity Explorer ship, a Bahamas-flagged bulk carrier and the NUMBER 9 ship, a Panama-flagged container ship were attacked while crossing the Red Sea.

The Yemeni armed forces released a statement about today’s attacks.

Brigadier General Yahya Saree, Spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces:
“This morning, with the help of God Almighty, the Yemeni Navy attacked two Israeli ships named Unity Explorer and NUMBER 9 in Bab al-Mandab. The first ship was targeted by a missile and the second ship was targeted by a drone (suicide drone). The operation was carried out after two ships rejected warning messages from the Yemeni navy.
The Yemeni Armed Forces will continue to prevent the movement of Israeli ships in the Red and Arab seas until Israel’s aggression against our brothers in the Gaza Strip is stopped. The Yemeni Armed Forces had warned all Israeli ships or Israeli-affiliated ships that they would become a legal target if they violates what was issued in this statement and previous statements.”

The US Army claims that its naval fleet moved towards the position of Israeli ships at 10:00 am today, and during a five-hour conflict, they confronted Ansar Allah’s missiles and drones. But it seems their actions have not been very effective in saving Israeli ships.

In this regard, some Zionist media claimed that one of the ships that was hit by the drone was slightly damaged, but the other ship, part of which is also owned by the British, was hit by a cruise missile and severely damaged. This ship is currently stopped near the Bab al-Mandab Strait and reportedly will sink if immediate help does not reach it.

The Yemeni Army and Ansar Allah control a large part of Yemen and maintain a large arsenal of missiles and drones. After the Israeli invasion of Gaza, the Yemeni Army launched several missile and drone attacks at targets in Israel. The Yemeni Army also seized Galaxy Leader, an Israeli-owned ship that was sailing towards the Bab al-Mandab Strait and allegedly attacked another ship with a suicide drone in the Indian Ocean.

The Yemeni Army had halted operations against Israeli after a temporary ceasefire in Gaza entered into effect on November 24. A week later, they warned Israel that they will renew missile and drone attacks if the crimes against the people of Gaza were not stopped. With the resumption of war by Israel, now the Yemenis have resumed their attacks against Israel.

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