Latest News From Northern Palestine, Southern Lebanon fronts, 2 December 2023

Saturday 2 December 2023 - 23:45

The Israeli regime’s military forces and Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah continued to exchange fire and carry out airstrikes and rocket attacks in the border areas of southern Lebanon and northern regions of the occupied Palestine on the 58th day of the conflict.

Israeli airstrikes on southern Lebanon:

Warplanes attack:
Fighter jets bombed the areas of Kfar Shuba and Kfar Hamam, as well as Al-Naqoura and Beit Lif.

Rocket attacks:
Three rockets were fired at the outskirts of Al-Qouzah.

Artillery attacks:
The Israeli regime army’s artillery unit attacked Aitaroun, Al-Rawisat (near Al-Naqoura), Maroun el-Ras, Yaroun, Blida, Tayr Harfa, Al-Naqoura, Aalma ech Chaab, Raba’ Al-Tebn, and Shanooh (south of Kfar Shuba), Ramieh, Ayta ash Shab, Al-Khiam, Tell el-Hammam, Kafar Kila, Tel Al-Awaida, and Tel Al-Nahhas.

Hezbollah attacks on Israeli army positions in occupied Palestine:

Rocket attacks:
– An attack on the Israeli army’s missile base in the town of Dishon with Grad rockets
– An attack on the Khirbet Maer area

ATGM missile attacks, artillery attacks, and shootings:
– An attack on the Rahib base (Shtula)
– An attack on the Biranit base and the command center of the Israeli army’s 91st Brigade
– An attack on the Al-Ruwaysat Al-Alam base
– An attack on the Jal Al-Alam base
– An attack on the Jal Al-Alam base
– An attack on an Israeli army gathering near the Birka Risha base
– An attack on two Israeli soldiers in a building in the town of Dovev (in two stages)
– An attack on the Al-Marj base
– An attack on the Mutela base

It should be noted that in addition to the aforementioned clashes, Israeli forces and Hezbollah fighters engaged in ground combat at the Kafar Kila border area. The exchange of fire in this front continues and details of any advances, losses, and potential casualties have not been released yet.

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