Islamic Resistance in Iraq Carries Out Drone Attack On US Positions In Erbil

Sunday 31 December 2023 - 21:09

The positions of the US occupying forces at the Erbil International Airport in northern Iraq were targeted in a drone attack by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq on December 31.

The Counter-Terrorism Group (CTG) of the Kurdistan Regional Government in the north of Iraq announced in a statement that a suicide drone heading towards the international coalition base in Erbil was shot down at 4:45 pm local time.

On the other hand, sources close to the Islamic Resistance in Iraq declared that the control and command center of the US terrorist army’s drone unit was successfully targeted in this attack.

According to analysis made by the IWN, this is the 26th strike by groups affiliated to the Islamic Resistance in Iraq on US army positions in Erbil province over the course of recent weeks.

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