A Review Of Actions Made By Axis Of Resistance Against US, Israel In Region: US Bases Struck 200 Times!

Wednesday 31 January 2024 - 09:13

The missile and drone attacks by resistance groups against the positions of US terrorist forces in the West Asia region, which began after the Israeli regime’s military aggression against the Gaza Strip and aimed at putting pressure on the regime’s forces, continue and the scope of these attacks has also covered the positions of the Israeli regime in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an umbrella group representing several Iraqi armed factions, immediately began attacks against the forces of the Israeli regime in the region a few days after the onset of the battle between the Israeli regime military forces and the Palestinian resistance fighters. With the intensity of the clashes and the reaction of the United States to the resistance actions, the quality and quantity of the attacks also increased. Over time, the scope of these attacks expanded and spread to the positions of the Israeli-occupied territories.

Up to the time of writing this news story (23:00 Jan 30), resistance groups have carried out 200 missile, rocket, and drone operations against the illegal bases of the US terrorist army in the countries of Iraq and Syria as well as the occupied Palestinian territories.

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These attacks by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq continued even after the recent agreement between the incumbent government in Baghdad and Washington’s Biden administration regarding the withdrawal of American military forces from the Arab country. It seems that, despite the announcements about the withdrawal of the United States from Iraq, as long as the departure of the occupiers is not visibly and realistically seen on the ground, the resistance group’s attacks will not cease. Iraqi resistance groups insist on the actual withdrawal of US forces from both Iraq and Syria.

However, it should be added that after the drone attacks on al-Tanf area and al-Rukban base on January 28, which resulted in the death of 3 American soldiers; Kataib Hezbollah of Iraq, one of the powerful subgroups of Islamic Resistance in Iraq, announced the temporary halt of attacks on American bases in Syria and Iraq. However, it seems that the attacks of other groups on American positions are continuing.

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The extent of attacks against American bases in the region – click to view full size
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