Ashab Al-Kahf And Al-Nujaba: Attacks Against Americans Will Continue!

Saturday 3 February 2024 - 21:23

A few days after the statement of Iraqi Kataib Hezbollah regarding the temporary cessation of attacks against American bases, Al-Nujba and Ashab Al-Kahf resistance groups announced the continuation of attacks against American forces by publishing a statement.

The Iraqi Ashab Al-Kahf and Al-Nujaba resistance groups announced their decision to continue attacking American bases in a statement, while respecting the decision of Kataib Hezbollah, a few days after Kataib Hezbollah announced a temporary halt in attacks against Americans.

In a part of the statement of Sheikh Akram Al-Kaabi, Secretary General of the Islamic Resistance of Nujaba, it is stated:

“We said and we repeat and emphasize that our decision is Iraqi and we will not stop until two things are achieved; Stopping Israel operations in Gaza and withdrawing the American occupation from Iraq. Regarding the temporary suspension of the activity of our comrades in Kataib Hezbollah, who are our brothers in blood, jihad, arms and path, I must say that after talking with the brother and commander of Mujahid Abu Hossein Al Hamidawi and clarifying the reasons for this decision, the truth and wisdom of it became clear to us. We respect this position and appreciate their sacrifice in this situation. In the future, it will be clear that he made this decision with courage and forgiveness.”

It is worth mentioning that Abu Hossein Al Hamidawi, the Secretary General of Kataib Hizbollah of Iraq, announced the temporary halt of attacks against American terrorists on 10th of Bahman.

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After this statement, the positions of the American terrorists in Erbil and the Omar oil field were targeted by the resistance groups. It seems that the plan to stop attacks against American terrorists is not accepted by all resistance groups, and in the meantime, some groups insist on the continuation of actions against American soldiers until a clear result is achieved.

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