Yemen’s Army Targets US And UK Ships In Red Sea

Tuesday 6 February 2024 - 18:47

On February 6, the Yemeni Armed Forces carried out a missile operation against two US and UK-linked ships in the Read Sea. According to Brigadier General Saree, these attacks were precise and hit the targets.

Brigadier General Yahya Saree, the spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces, announced the details of the Yemeni navy’s missile attacks on two American and British ships. According to the statement, the Yemeni Navy attacked the ship ‘Star Nasia’ and ‘Morning Tide’ with several naval missiles in two separate operations in the Red Sea. According to Brigadier General Saree, these attacks were precise and hit the targets.

The Yemeni Armed Forces emphasized that these attacks were carried out within the framework of Yemen’s legitimate right to respond to the aggression and defense of this country, and higher quality military operations will be carried out against all hostile American and British targets in the Red and Arabian seas. The Yemeni army also emphasized the continuation of operations against Israeli ships or ships heading towards occupied Palestinian ports until the blockade is lifted and aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is stopped.

The details of the ships that were attacked are as follows:
Star Nasia is a Marshall Islands-flagged bulk carrier that has been operating since 2006. This ship has been moving from Port Said in Egypt to Visakhapatnam port in India.
The Morning Tide ship is also a Barbados-flagged general cargo ship, which has been operating since 2006 and was sailing from the port of Port Said in Egypt to China.

According to IWN’s assessment, the Star Nasia and Morning Tide ships are the 28th and 29th ships that have been attacked by missiles and drones by the Yemeni Armed Forces. The Yemenis have announced that this naval operation is aimed at supporting the Palestinian resistance and stopping the war in the Gaza Strip, and that it will only be carried out against American, British, and Israeli ships or their affiliated ships and not the international shipping.

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