Israeli Regime Conducts Unsuccessful Drone Attack On Damascus

Friday 9 February 2024 - 19:30

The Syrian Ministry of Defense has announced the tracking and destruction of two drones belonging to the Israeli regime army in the skies near the outskirts of the Syrian capital city Damascus.

On February 9, local sources reported the sound of an explosion in the western outskirts of Damascus and announced that the Syrian army’s air defense systems were activated to track hostile targets.

In this regard, a military source stated that around 14:10 local time on Friday, two drones entered Syrian airspace from the occupied Golan Heights, and the Syrian army’s air defense shot down both drones in the western areas of Damascus.

It is said that one of the drones crashed near the Al-Mezze Military Airport, and further details have not been released.

The place where the Israeli drone crashed

It is worth noting that the Israeli regime fighter jets also fired several missiles towards targets in the city of Homs on February 7, resulting in 10 Syrians being martyred and 13 others injured.

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