Israeli Regime New Crime In Rafah; More Than 300 Palestinians Killed, Wounded (Video)

Monday 12 February 2024 - 12:06

More than 300 Palestinians were martyred and wounded following the Israeli regime strikes on areas around the city of Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip.

On February 12, the Zionist army organized a series of strikes against areas near the city of Rafah in the south of Gaza and close to Egypt border, during which hundreds of Palestinians were martyred and wounded.

It is said that Israeli army targeted at least 14 houses, 3 mosques and several streets and other areas in Rafah where Palestinian refugees stationed.

According to preliminary information, as a result of today’s Israeli crimes in Rafah, more than 100 people were martyred and about 230 others were wounded. Dozens of children were killed and injured in these attacks and dozens of people are still under the rubble.

A video of the martyrdom of Palestinian children in Rafah by the Israeli regime (WARNING: disturbing scenes)

It is worth mentioning that the attacks of the Zionist regime on Rafah took place while more than 1.5 million Palestinian refugees have taken refuge in Rafah from the northern and central areas of Gaza. Some time ago, the Israeli regime declared Rafah as one of the safe areas for Palestinian refugees, and for this reason Rafah area became a gathering place for Palestinian refugees. However, in recent days, the Israeli authorities announced that they will attack Rafah as well, which was met with strong protests from the international community. But this regime continues its crimes regardless of protests and does not adhere to any law or morality.

The moment of the bombing of Rafah by the Israeli army
The place where a Palestinian child was martyred in Rafah (WARNING: disturbing scenes)
Transporting the wounded to the hospital (WARNING: disturbing scenes)
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