Russian Army Captures Important Ukraine Town Avdiivka (Map)

Monday 19 February 2024 - 12:15

On February 17, Ukraine’s armed forces announced the retreat of Ukrainian military forces from the town of Avdiivka in the north of Donetsk city in a statement, and Russian army forces entered various areas of the town, gaining complete control of Avdiivka.

Following the failure of Ukrainian army’s offensive operations in various fronts in the past year and the weakening of the Ukrainian army due to various reasons such as the high number of human casualties, lack of necessary logistics to overcome Russian military power, and the beginning of the war in Gaza which diverted most attention to Palestine, Russian forces intensified operations on the Avdiivka front once again.

Over the past four months, Russian and Donetsk (DPR) forces gradually besieged the town of Avdiivka through a series of continuous and coordinated operations from the north and south.

On January 20th, Russian forces managed to break through Avdiivka’s defensive lines from the south and entered urban areas. In further battles, on February 3, Russian army forces also broke Ukrainian defense lines from the north and entered the northern areas of Avdiivka, practically cutting off all main supply and support lines for Ukrainian forces in Avdiivka, leaving only the western areas of the city for retreat. Therefore, Ukrainian armed forces began gradually retreating from Avdiivka from February 4, and finally on February 17, they announced a complete withdrawal from the town of Avdiivka in a statement.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the area that came under Russian army’s control during the Avdiivka operation is over 31.75 square kilometers.

It can boldly be stated that the Russian army’s control over the town of Avdiivka is Russia’s most significant victory in the Ukraine war after the occupation of the city of Bakhmut in 2023.

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The important town of Avdiivka was considered one of the strongest defense and military lines of the Ukrainian army in the north of Donetsk city. Previously, Ukrainian army’s control over this town was the main obstacle to the expansion of Russian military operations in the Donbass region. Now, with the occupation of Avdiivka by Russia and its allies, the security of Donetsk city from the north has been significantly ensured, and the Russian army finds the opportunity to expand battle lines around Donetsk city with more concentration and power.

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