Russian Advance West Of Avdiivka, Three More Villages Captured (Map)

Tuesday 27 February 2024 - 11:14

Following the Russian army operation in the Avdiivka axis, three other villages in the west of the Avdiivka town came under the control of the Russian army.

After the complete capture of Avdiivka town on 17th of February, the Russian army has continued its offensive process and continues to attack the villages and western areas of Avdiivka. During the last few days, Russian forces consolidated their control over the settlements of Sjeverne, Lastochkyne and Stepove in this axis.

Currently, the Russian army operation in this area is being pursued with the aim of capturing three other villages: after the capture of Stepove, the Russian forces have reached the outskirts of Berdychi; The capture of Lastochkyne and the advance from the west of Coke Plant have brought the Russian forces to the outskirts of Orlivka in two axes; And the capture of Sjeverne has paved the way for advancing towards Tonenke.

It should be noted that according to the latest information, Russian forces have entered the village of Tonenke.

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Generally, after retreating from Avdiivka, Ukrainian forces have placed their main line of defense in Berdychi-Orlivka-Tonenke line. If this defense line is broken, the Ukrainian forces will have to retreat further to a depth of 5 to 10 kilometers to create a new defense line.

Interactive map of Avdiivka

Military situation on the Avdiivka front – click to view full size
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